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Moving? Move smarter with Grow My Money

Grow My Money LogoGrow My Money LogoGrow My MoneyOct 18, 2021
A family packing moving boxesA family packing moving boxes

Move smarter - with Grow My Money

Whether you’re moving 5 or 500km, moving is an expensive exercise. But what if you could move smarter and redirect the cost of moving towards improving your financial health?

This is exactly where Grow My Money comes in. By partnering with a number of leading Australian retailers, you can pay down your mortgage or grow your super balance with every step of your move.

Book the removalists first

Canstar advises to book a removalist service first. But how do you know if the service is any good? What about moving in lockdown? Who has time to get different quotes?

This is where Muval comes in. You provide your moving details, then Muval sources availability, pricing and reviews from professional removalists so you can make a decision.

But an even better decision is booking Muval through Grow My Money, earning you $40 cashback! Don’t forget to check out Muval’s blogs, packed (ha!) with great tips.

Moving means new furniture

Your bookshelf won’t fit. The old coffee table is falling apart. You currently have built-ins, but the new home requires freestanding wardrobes.

When it comes to purchasing furniture, you can buy it new or second-hand. Either way, the Grow My Money home retailers, including The Good Guys, Sleeping Giant and Freedom, give you cash back into your mortgage super account, ranging from 0.4% at Kogan up to $125 cashback at Foxtel residential.

One item to buy new is your mattress (old ones present hygiene issues). Luckily, Grow My Money has seven (and counting) mattress retailers, with Newentor Australia offering up to 5% to Bedzy at up to 3.5%. Just type ‘sleep’ in the Grow My Money search bar.

Speed up your choices to maximise your cashback

When you’re pushed for time, you want to make quick - and smart - choices. Download the Grow My Money cashback app available on Google Play and Apple Store and the browser extension, which is available for Chrome or Safari.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Join Grow My Money and shop to earn cashback. It’s free to join and takes one minute.
  2. Save or invest - Every purchase earns you cashback, which you can use to pay down your mortgage or grow your super balance.
  3. Watch your cashback multiply in value, helping you grow your money and reach your financial goals sooner.

Moving? You just made it so much smarter

Let’s add it all up. Let’s assume you spend $500 on new furniture at NNE Living and earn 5% cashback and $1000 on a new mattress at Bedzy and earn 3.5%. On top of the $40 cashback earned with Muval, you’ve just added $100 of cashback to your mortgage or superannuation! Over time, this can be worth so much more. Every bit counts when it comes to owning your own home or saving for retirement. Today’s contributions to your mortgage or super make for a better tomorrow. The sooner you start, the more you'll have.

So make your move work smarter - not harder - for you, and join Grow My Money today.