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How growing my superannuation became simple and stress-free

Pascale Helyar-MorayPascale Helyar-MorayPascale Helyar-Moray OAMSep 14, 2023
How growing my superannuation became simple and stress-freeHow growing my superannuation became simple and stress-free

Learn how Grow My Money helped a customer grow their super

Featured Story: David Brown


David is conscious of his retirement savings. He knows that he needs to plan to ensure that he has sufficient funds to live comfortably in his golden years. However, building his super balance outside mandatory employer contributions is challenging. With cost-of-living increases, he struggled to contribute additional funds into his super account. This was when he discovered Grow My Money, a unique platform that helps him build his super balance without changing his spending habits.

“I love that cashback from my everyday purchases are contributing towards my future nest egg - my super balance”.


Sign-up was effortless

David heard about Grow My Money through a friend. The sign-up process was effortless and, best of all, completely free to join. He was also able to link his super fund to the platform easily. He was happy that many popular retailers were available, which meant he could earn cashback while shopping with his favourite brands.

“Sign-up was easy and fast and I was able to link my super fund without issue. Many popular retailers are featured in the program and the list will no doubt grow over time. Grow My Money also offers a generous customer refer & earn scheme, helping me to share the benefits of Grow My Money and grow my super balance even further".

Earn cashback without changing his spending habits

David's favourite feature of Grow My Money is earning cashback without changing his spending habits. He continues to shop at his favourite stores and, in return, is rewarded with cashback that goes straight into his super fund. He can see his transactions on the Grow My Money dashboard and watch his superannuation balance grow.

"I love the concept of Grow My Money and how earning something as simple as cashback can help grow my super balance. Traditional cashback schemes provide a cash payout, however over the longer term, additional contributions to my super fund have the potential to be much more valuable".

Excellent customer support

Grow My Money has excellent customer support, and David had a great experience with their online chat feature. Whenever he had a question or needed assistance, the team went above and beyond to help him. He is also pleased to see that the platform is continually improving and the team is receptive to user feedback and suggestions.

"I love how Grow My Money features an online chat feature for customer support and responses are quick and friendly. The team are also very receptive to suggestions for improvements and make you feel valued as a customer".


Grow My Money has helped David in ways he couldn't imagine. It helps him build his super balance and provides him with peace of mind about his retirement. The power of compounding interest makes an enormous difference in his superannuation-building journey. Today, David is confident that he has a comfortable retirement waiting for him, all thanks to Grow My Money.

"I have used other cashback schemes in Australia; however Grow My Money is now my preferred scheme due to the power of super fund unit growth and compounding. Having everyday purchases contribute towards my retirement is extremely valuable. By providing cashback directly to my super fund, Grow My Money promotes the importance of saving for retirement and growing your balance, no matter your age or background”.

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