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Earn cashback when you shop in-store

Pascale Helyar-MorayPascale Helyar-MorayPascale Helyar-Moray OAMJun 02, 2022
Earn cashback when you shop in-storeEarn cashback when you shop in-store

Enjoy cashback at restaurants, cafés and physical stores with the Grow My Money in-store program.

Grow My Money is the first and only Australian cashback into mortgage provider. Grow My Money was formerly known as Super-Rewards, the leading and industry-recognised cashback provider into superannuation. Earning cashback into your chosen mortgage, offset or superannuation account from your in-store spending is only available with Grow My Money!

Grow My Money has 500+ amazing online retailers willing to pay cashback into your mortgage or superannuation for the goods and services you use every day. CarClarity, for example, pays up to $500 cashback when you settle a car loan. Buying pet food can earn up to a massive 7.5% cashback, too. Myer Big W or eBay - great for those everyday household purchases - are our leading retailers, and we offer major IT and electronicshomewaresfood and drink brands, too.

Going in-store, however, brings a whole new level of meaning to your everyday spend!

Insights into Australian shopping habits

Here’s a fascinating fact. In 2021, Australians made around 19.3% of their total spending online. And when you think about it – it’s not surprising. Online purchases tend to be either highly considered or highly impulsive. Highly considered = planning and booking a holiday. This is where Luxury EscapesBravofly and Expedia are some of Grow My Money's key travel players. Or highly impulsive = buying the newest collection from The ICONIC or Boohoo.

Either way, these modes of shopping are related to our state of mind. We plan because we want the best / most flexible / most accommodating. We shop impulsively because we want that dress and simply have to have it – right now.

But when we spend at the shops, it’s different. Sure, there’s a lot of window shopping (when we have time), but the shops we spend at are different and often more errand-based.

For example, we might think twice about spending $300 on beauty or clothing items online – but generally, we’ll spend that same amount among a few different shops: getting a haircut, picking up dry-cleaning or buying some takeaway.

Drum roll please…

The Grow My Money in-store program means you can now earn cashback into your mortgage or super when you spend at those outlets. Restaurants, cafes, car wash and details, drycleaners, pizza places, chemists, hairdressers and beauty salons – the list is a long one! 500+ individual brands, representing 1000 stores across Australia.

The other great news is that the in-store retailers tend to offer higher reward amounts, too. The average commission offered to you by the Grow My Money online retailers has been an average of 5.4% – but many of the in-store retailers offer an average of 10% or more! More cashback for you – which, in turn, can boost your financial well-being and lessen stress.

The best news of all is that no extra effort is required from you. All you’ll need to do to earn cashback at the hairdresser, pizza place, or pet pampering venue is pay with your existing VISA or Mastercard debit or credit card.

Sign me up!

Ready to start earning cashback in-store? Join Grow My Money. Then head to ‘My Account’ and link your existing debit or credit cards – up to 5 of them. It’s free to join. No charges.

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