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Grow My Money introduces card-linking technology for seamless online shopping

Pascale Helyar-MorayPascale Helyar-MorayPascale Helyar-Moray OAMJul 27, 2023
Grow My Money introduces card-linking technology for seamless online shoppingGrow My Money introduces card-linking technology for seamless online shopping

The shift towards online shopping has accelerated over the past year, and many of us are looking for new ways to stretch our dollar further. Grow My Money has embraced the challenge with its new card-linking technology. You can earn cashback for online shopping via the Grow My Money website, app, browser extension, or directly from participating retailers by linking your card to your account. In this article, we'll explore how card-linking works and how it can benefit you as a shopper.

What is online card-linking?

Online card-linking is the cashback reward you'll receive when you shop online using a linked card at our card-linking retailers. You can link up to five cards on Grow My Money, so long as they are Australian debit, Visa or Mastercard credit cards.

How card-linking works

Card-linking technology is an innovative way for shoppers to earn cashback rewards without doing anything differently! With Grow My Money card-linking functionality, you can earn cashback just by using a linked card when shopping online – outside of the Grow My Money environment. To get started, you simply need to follow three simple steps:

Step 1: Link a card to earn online cashback

Securely link your Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card(s) to your Grow My Money account. Once you've linked your card(s), you can start shopping via participating online card-linking retailers.

Step 2: Shop online as usual at card-linking retailers

Use your linked card when you spend directly from the participating online card-linking retailer. You can also use the same card when spending via the Grow My Money website, app or browser extension. With Grow My Money, you can browse through a selection of carefully curated partners, so you're sure to find something that suits your needs.

Step 3: Watch your cashback grow

Enjoy a great shopping experience, get rewarded for your purchases, and pay down your mortgage or watch your superannuation grow! Grow My Money cashback is automatically credited to your account.

Enjoy a seamless online shopping experience

One of the key benefits of card-linking technology is the frictionless experience it provides. Once you've linked a card to your Grow My Money account, there's no need to remember to activate cashback or to fuss with codes or coupons. You simply use your linked card as usual at one of our participating online card-linking retailers, and the rewards roll in seamlessly.

Another benefit of Grow My Money card-linking functionality is the variety of partners on offer. With dozens of participating retailers such as Adore Beauty, Jimmy Brings, LVLY, MILKRUN, Bonds Online, and more, you will surely find something you need. By shopping Grow My Money and earning cashback, you can pay down your mortgage or increase your superannuation balance without compromising on variety or quality.

Grow My Money card-linking technology is a game-changer for online shoppers. By linking your card to your Grow My Money account, you can enjoy the seamless, frictionless cashback rewards that Grow My Money is known for. With a diverse range of partners to shop from and a user-friendly experience that's easy to navigate, Grow My Money has made it easier than ever to earn cashback while shopping online. So why wait? Sign up for Grow My Money today and take advantage of card-linking retailers.