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Terms & Conditions

Any purchases made via the retailer's app will not be eligible for cashback rewards. This offer is not compatible with coupon codes not provided by GMM, or purchases made using gift cards. Neither GST, delivery costs nor items that are returned will contribute to the purchase amount that is eligible for cashback. GMM standard Terms and Conditions apply.

Exclusions: rewards are issued by rewards, not Apple. To qualify for cash back/ points you must complete your purchase within the same session you start the purchase without exiting your browser.
Opening a new tab or returning later will result in cash back/ points not tracking.
Products NOT eligible for cash back / rewards are listed below but are not limited to just current or newer versions of the below: iPad Pro 11” and 13”, Apple Vision Pro, all Apple Vision Pro accessories including Personalised, Apple Pro Display XDR, gift cards, Apple Developer Programs, AppleCare+ (sold separately) and shipping, All Apple Pro Display XDR All ZEISS Optical Inserts, Battery Clips, Travel Case, All Solo Knit Brands, All Apple Vision Pro Solo Knit bands, All Apple Vision Pro Accessories.
Orders purchased on corporate employee stores are not eligible for Grow my Money rewards.
All BOSE products - NOT eligible, All iTune products - NOT eligible, gift cards - NOT eligible, gift wrap - NOT eligible, Apple Developer Programs - NOT eligible, and Shipping - NOT eligible, Text1 is IN15,RW15. Not eligible, Trade in Parts Not eligible.
Apple sells and ships products to end user customers only; you may not purchase for resale.
Limitations - see below 2 x Items with category IPHONE per order - N/A, 5 items with category IMAC per order- N/A, 5 items with category IPAD per order- N/A, 5 items with category WATCH per order- N/A, 5 items with category APPLE TV per order- N/A, 5 items with category MAC PRO per order- N/A, 5 items with category MACBOOK per order- N/A, 5 items with category MACBOOK AIR per order- N/A, 5 items with category MACBOOK PRO per order- N/A

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